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Botox & Dermal Fillers

How are they different?

Dermal fillers create volume and replace volume that has been lost

due to aging. Dermal fillers are best used in the cheeks, forehead,

lips, smile lines, and chin areas. In addition to adding volume,

dermal fillers can add definition to the natural lines of your bone

structure. Depending on where you would like to add volume and

definition, some dermal fillers may fare better than others.

During your consultation, ask your skin care specialist or physician

about your options.

Anti-wrinkle injections, like Botox or Dysport, are made of specialized mild

neurotoxins that are injected into the muscle so that they can disable

contractions fueled by nerves impulses directed to that specific

muscle. If the muscle is immobilized in these areas prone to wrinkling

or folding,the skin relaxes and these wrinkles are offered time to

smooth over. For people that struggle with lines and wrinkles

around the forehead and eyes, these muscle relaxants offer

the best results.While these treatments are the original anti-aging

injections, they maintain their viability and strength with proven results.

Options for Dermal Fillers:


This dermal filler works on upper lip lines, nasolabial folds, thin lips, Marionette lines that lengthen down through the chin, and cheeks to add volume. Restylane can last six months or up to a year from the time of injection.


Juvederm is one of the most diverse fillers since it can smooth and retexture surface skin while it plumps thinning lips, fills folds, and contours the cheeks.

Options for Muscle Relaxants:

Botox Cosmetic®

Botox lasts up to four months following treatment and is best known for glabellar injections to decrease frown lines using several injection points. However, Botox can also be used to improve crow’s feet and forehead lines, and to soften pebbling of the chin, sharpen the jaw line, improved down-turned corners of the mouth, and reduce neck bands.


Some patients prefer Dysport because it can provide a more natural result because of its feathering effect. Meaning, the edges of the area treated blend more seamlessly into the surrounding non-treated areas. The injection points using Dysport are the same as with Botox, and the areas that can be treated are the same. After your Dysport injection, results can be seen quicker than with Botox but may still require two to three days to start being seen. It may take two weeks to see full effect that lasts up to four full months (120 days).


How do I know which cosmetic injection is best for me?

During your consultation you and your adviser will talk about your skin’s condition and the expectations you have for results. Based on your age and how long you would like these treatments to last, they will recommend dermal fillers or anti-wrinkle injections (Botox, Dysport). Not every option will work for you, but there are some that can benefit from combining dermal fillers and these anti-wrinkle injections.

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